Workshops - Peace Tree Yoga
  January 2018    
This is for the Dreamers: New Year's Workshop


Let’s gather together and harness the sacred power of a group to dream up and dream in the New Year!  We’ll combine gentle yoga, guided meditations, writing, sharing, along with some other universal tools to capture our dreams, begin to manifest, and bring in the energy and power we need to live out our dreams in 2018.  

* We’ll create the atmosphere of magic and transformation by lighting candles as well as our intentions.

* We’ll sweeten the experience with herbal teas, vegan hot cacao, and chocolate.

* We’ll super-charge our dreams with crystals and essential oils.  You’ll even receive a crystal to bring home with you.

* And you’ll also receive a journal to write down your thoughts and inspirations.

Renew your spirit at the beginning of the year, after the busyness of the holidays has passed, and let’s spark our dreams that we can manifest in the New Year!  You'll leave more focused, inspired, and ready with a set of practical tools you can use going forward to help you live with more purpose and joy. 

What to bring: pens/colored pencils, your favorite mug (to hold your hot beverage), planner for the year (if you use one), cozy blanket, and wear comfortable yoga clothing. 

Contact the studio to register, or sign up online here.  You must register by 12/30 to reserve your spot.

Date: Saturday, January 6th
Time: 6:00-8:30pm
Cost: $45

Curating Your Inner Light - New course for 2018!


As our society wrestles with deeper, more problematic issues, it is imperative that those of us looking to create change continue to become emotionally stronger and consciously aware.  The world needs more lightworkers, which is each of us living connected to our light or highest vibrational self.

In 2018 I’m interested in curating the light within me in order to rise up and meet this need.  This is feeding my own inner hunger and drive to grow and evolve, as well as affecting change around me.  And I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey.
To do this I’ve created a new course for the year called, Curating Your Inner Light.  Each month we’ll focus on a different quality of being such as courage, compassion, contentment, trust, liberation, creativity, joy, resiliency, and more. 
Each month will offer monthly practices, inquiries, and magical tools (like healing crystals and essential oils) to light up all of the beauty within you.  We will also use meditation, music, yogic wisdom, a monthly workbook, and more.


This is a self-guided course, where you’ll receive the materials at the beginning of the month and can work through them at your own pace.  But I’ll also support you during the month with inspiring emails, and there’s opportunity to share what you’re learning and connect with others within our membership site.

Cost: $28 a month or $300 for the entire year 

We’ll be starting the year in January by exploring courage.  As we begin the year, developing the inner courage to rise up and go after our dreams, as well as becoming a force for change, is a good place to start!

Sign up here!  We begin January 3rd!